The NBCA Welcomes the GNB's Commitment to Improving Access to Care

The New Brunswick Chiropractors Association (NBCA) welcomes the Government of New Brunswick`s commitment to improving access to care, by promoting collaboration and innovation. The NBCA supports the GNB`s effort to leverage existing resources, including optimizing the role of all existing health personnel, including chiropractors who work outside the public system.

 “We know that allowing all regulated healthcare professions, including chiropractors, to practice within their full scope would enhance capacity and improve health outcomes” explains Dr. Ryan Coster, President of the NBCA. “Reducing wait times starts by determining which patients are surgical candidates and referring others to appropriate conservative or pharmacological management.” 

The NBCA is eager to work with the Government of New Brunswick and partners to help enhance access to conservative care options, like chiropractic, for those suffering from musculoskeletal conditions, such as back pain, neck pain and headaches. Allowing professionals to work within their full scope of practice would enhance patient`s ability to be appropriately cared for by the provider of their choice, while subsequently avoiding the redundancy of unnecessary visits and costs. Hence, all future consultations regarding improving healthcare outcomes must include providers working both within and outside the public healthcare system. 

The NBCA is the professional association that represents NB`s chiropractors and their patients. The NBCA remains committed to supporting leadership and excellence in neuromusculoskeletal health for all New Brunswickers. 

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