Regulatory Documents

Regulatory documents, standards of practice and operational policies are listed below for the convenience of our members and our patients. 

 Do you have a concern about a chiropractor? 

On occasion, you may have a concern about a chiropractor or a staff member of a chiropractic clinic; however, may be uncertain about how to proceed to address it or whether a formal complaint should be filed.

The New Brunswick Chiropractors Association works to improve the health of New Brunswickers by regulating, supporting and promoting excellence in chiropractic practice and patient care. The New Brunswick Chiropractors Association encourages patients who have concerns or questions about services rendered to first discuss these with the chiropractor. Your chiropractor will appreciate the opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions directly with you.  

If you decide to proceed with a formal complaint, the complaint must be received in writing and must include both your name and the name of the provider, as well as date of the incident and relevant information. All complaints are taken  very seriously and will be reviewed by the Complaints Committee.

For more information or to file a complaint, please contact the New Brunswick Chiropractors Association to discuss how to best proceed. The New Brunswick Chiropractors Association can be reached at or by telephone at 506-455-6800.  

Discipline Decisions:

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